Safety is a top priority at Procon. It is a responsibility that each of us takes seriously,
from our President to all employees throughout the company.

Procon is committed to ongoing training and employee development. Each year, thousands of dollars are budgeted for the sole purpose of making our workplace a safer place for every employee. This is accomplished through training and education, purchasing better equipment and supplies, and many other initiatives to increase our safety awareness. This commitment is represented in our safety culture through each one of us being Smart and Educated!

Daily pre-task planning, toolbox talks, and random safety inspections are all part of keeping each team member Alert and Focused. From using basic safety equipment to encouraging our co-workers to improve their safety awareness, we maintain an alert focus on our safety and risk management. 

Procon’s safety initiatives include STEP SAFE, Zero Incidents, Reducing Near Hits, Increasing Situational Awareness, See Something, Say Something.  

Our safety training consists of a combination of live classroom training, with qualified and competent instructors, hands-on demonstrations and training, and online interactive training, facilitated by virtual instructors.

The training offered and required is OSHA 10, Field Leadership OSHA 30, FA & CPR, Recurring Annual Training, Haz-Com, Excavation, Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Fire Prevention & Protection, Emergency Actions Plans, Personal Protective Equipment, Respirable Crystalline Silica, Accident Prevention, Laser Training, Heavy Equipment Operation Certifications & more

A safe work environment also extends to our equipment. All our equipment is maintained in top condition and we strive to keep the most up-to-date technology available, cycling out old equipment every 3-5 years.