Real-time construction management for improved efficiencies.

5D BIM stands for five-dimensional building information modeling. It’s a digital, five-dimensional representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a construction project allowing architects, designers and contractors to improve a project’s time schedule and lower costs.

Advantages of 5D BIM:

• Provides more accurate project data
• Estimators can explore options to improve efficiency, performance and costs
• Changes and decisions can be made before construction begins
• Instant ability to see how changes can impact cost and schedule
• Cost data is continually updated as the project progresses
• Ability to monitor changes easily for cost and resource management
• Stay connected between the project site and home office
• Shorter project cycles
• Lower materials costs
• An accurate description of project scope, cost and time frame
• Alternative concepts can be explored in real-time
• Shortens design and estimate time

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