Concrete paved roadways and parking lots are some of the longest-lasting out there. Many parking lots and roads across the U.S., designed to last 20 years have stood up for 50 years and more. Concrete paving is also used at airports and for commercial and industrial paving.

Strong – Concrete pavements are strong enough to withstand landing a 300-ton commercial aircraft or a military tank.

Low Maintenance – Asphalt requires resealing, repairing and even replacing fairly often. Concrete paving does not and ends the cycle of expensive maintenance and repair. Some concrete paving options can even use an asphalt parking lot as a base material.

Versatile – Concrete can be colored and decorated to blend with your design or for safety.

Light Reflective – Concrete naturally reflects light, reducing street light requirements as well as helping reduce urban air temperature. 

Environmental Impact – Vehicles traveling on concrete paved roads have less rolling resistance which translates to better fuel efficiency. Concrete paved roads also require less fuel to construct than other types of road construction. Additionally, concrete is 100% recyclable and reusable.

The concrete paving industry is continually developing new concrete paving processes and products to meet the demands of our ever-changing environments such as quieter pavement and fast-track paving that utilizes rapid-setting mixes for use in heavily traveled roads. Pre-cast slabs are also becoming popular as well as permeable pavement.

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