Finishing Superintendent

The basic function of this position is to act as the manager of all day to day activities for the finishing group and to safely complete assigned projects on time, within budget, and meet established tolerances in a manner that aligns with Procon, Inc’s values and goals.

This position reports to the Finishing Group Manager

All authority is given from the Finishing Group Manager to perform the necessary duties and responsibilities of this position.

All finisher positions report to the Finishing Superintendent. The Finishing Foreman will be expected to assist the Finishing Superintendent in managing all direct reports to this position.

This position requires a valid Commercial driver’s license with a good driving record and the ability to safely drive company vehicles and equipment.

This position will be a manual labor position and the ability to follow directions is needful. This position will require common sense, logical thought processes, and the ability to work in a safety-conscious manner. This position requires the employee to provide their own personal hand tools and to wear all required PPE.

The physical demands will be standing, walking, crouching, stooping, kneeling, squatting and bending for long periods of time on a regular basis. This job will require a full range of body movements including but not limited to, the use of hands, feet, arms, legs, back, and torso; the ability to push, pull and lift. Must be able to lift and carry 100 lbs repeatedly or continuously over time without “giving out” or fatiguing. Excellent eyesight, with or without correction, is necessary. Work will be conducted under various weather conditions and temperatures such as extreme heat or cold and will be primarily outdoors.

On a regular basis there will a possible exposure to the following:

1. chemicals, dust, fumes, and other airborne particles from construction equipment
2. direct exposure to fresh concrete which can be caustic
3. vibrations from construction equipment
4. typical construction noise that may exceed normal decibel levels
The ability to speak English and Spanish is preferred.

Essential Functions:

1. Jobsite Management
a. Responsible for management of placing & finishing personnel and quality of work at all times
b. Responsible for entire scope, managing costs and budgets for any assigned Procon “Finish Only” projects or job sites.
c. Confirm daily schedule for all assigned placing & finishing crews. Assist with look-ahead schedule.
d. Responsible for deciding start up/shut down issues on assigned projects and instruct crew members accordingly.
e. Determine means and methods of completion of projects, within Procon standards and core values.
f. Conduct periodic job site safety inspections and audits. Ultimately responsible for all finishing personnel actions occurring on the job site and ensuring safe working conditions for all.
g. Ensure that all assigned Procon placing & finishing is completed in the highest quality, according to plans and specs provided.
h. Ensure that all equipment, vehicles, and tools issued by Procon are kept in safe and good working order and used properly.
i. Represent Procon in job site pre-pour meetings or any other meetings as requested.

2. Clerical/Planning

a. Ensure completion of daily pre-task plan as required.
b. Ensure completion of all pre-use equipment and tool checklists and inspections.
c. Ensure completion of daily job log, accurately detailing items such as work completed, working conditions, any issues, etc.
d. Review and enter daily timesheets.
e. Approve all job-related costs for any assigned “finish only” projects, including but not limited to vendor and supplier invoices, payroll time records, and subcontractor expenses, etc.
f. Develop a plan of action to complete jobs safely, on time, and under budget.
g. If necessary, develop a plan to make up lost time on jobs when behind schedule.
h. Create and maintain good working relationships with customers and suppliers to keep the smooth flow of operations.
i. Communicate clearly and consistently with all parties involved regarding deliveries, concrete pours and general job progress, etc.

3. Personnel Management

a. Coordinate and manage all manpower needed to complete assigned projects, this includes recruiting and terminating employees as needed and job situations warrant.
b. Conduct disciplinary action and performance evaluations on all direct reports as needed.
c. Clearly communicate goals and expectations to crew members, including but not limited to, allotted man-hours, amount of work to be completed, schedule, etc.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • All other duties required by the President or your Supervisor
  • Follow all policies and procedures as set forth in the Employee Handbook and Corporate Safety Program

If you are interested in this position and would like to be considered as a part of the Procon team, please submit a completed application (Spanish Application Form) and/or resume to

Procon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other class protected by law.