Procon extends warm, sincere birthday wishes to the following team members. We are grateful to each one for making Procon their home! Raul Medrano, Marcos Aguilar, Vincent Toomey, Gimiro Villalobos, Abram Rutrough, Lester Robinson, Dixan Hechavarria, Fernando Palomares, Brenda Canan, Clay Bowman, Yusnier Martinez, John Radford, Cesar Juares, Santos Sanchez, Jesse Long

Anniversaries. Without the dedication of our team members, Procon could not be anything near the company it is today. We thank the following for their hard work as they celebrate another year of employment with Procon: Atanacio Garcia, 13 years; Juan Santiago Lozano, 12 years; Jesus Garcia Barrientos, 10 years; David Lopez Vera, 9 years; Nathan Walker, 6 years; Ramon Gonzalez, 5 years; Cristian Lopez, 4 years; Jose Osmaro, 3 years; Atanacio Martinez, 3 years; Jose Ramirez, 1 year; Tobias Santiago, 1 year; Jose Castillo, 1 year; Nelson Cedillo, 1 year; Nathaniel Greene, 1 year